nic danielson

composer for media

Spring Update

Been a great few months of music making - Ravenna Woods did a show in February where we played our album "The Jackals" in its entirety, in a live collaboration with a modern dance group. Choreography was by Joel Myers. To say it was one of the most memorable musical experiences to date for me is a massive understatement. Excited that Night of the Jackals will be having another run in Seattle in the near future!

In other news, Chris Cunningham (vocals/guitar in Ravenna Woods) and I also have a new duo called Night Flights. We recently mixed our first release with the amazing Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Botch, Blood Brothers among others), and also have a new music video hot of the press. All should be out in a few short months.


Recently completed a song for Coca-Cola Life, currently airing in Mexico. "We Could go Anywhere" features the always fantastic Tamara Power-Drutis on vocals.

*2016 Note - the original video was removed from YouTube as the license expired (yeah I know, I forgot to download it first....). However some sweet soul out there has made it a hobby to record commercials and post them to YouTube! Sadly the audio is pretty blown out, but hey there it is.