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Dark Ascents is Out!

The first Virtual Instrument from Blood Cells Audio is out today! It's called Dark Ascents - it's a weird machine of violin risers/falls, syncable glitches, grainy textures, and general random chaos. Very excited, it’s been a cool glitched out noise machine for lots of dark musical contexts.

Available for $4.99 over at Blood Cells Audio
(Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or 6+ is required)


Here’s some vids showing a few features:

Cutting Ties

A few short tracks that I did as part of the 2018 Seattle 48 Hour Film Fest, horror edition. What does that mean? It means the entire 5-minute film was conceived, written, shot, edited, and scored all within 48 insane hours. Since music comes last, my part of this madness took place within a few hours on a Sunday, right before the finished movie was promptly rushed off and dropped into the box 5 minutes before deadline. As crazy as that is, it’s also fun times and a good challenge…what the hell can be done with basically no time?!

"Alleyways & Animals" pre-order + new video premiere!

Excited to announce that the pre-order for the Alleyways & Animals EP has officially begun! In addition to the 7-inch and digital EP, you’ll receive 2 bonus tracks and an instant download of the single “Alleyways.” Check it out over at Rocket Heart Records

Also, Seattle Weekly has just premiered our new video for the song "Good Friend"!

"Horror is a short step for the Seattle five-piece, which within its rumbling and frenetic pop songs has long entertained humanity’s darker side, with Chris Cunningham’s Costello-esque croon leading the way."

An Old Find on a Saturday

I recently stumbled across an old snippet from when I was tracking keys during the recording of Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden's album The Shape, The Color, The Feel. Such killer memories of making music with these lovelies down in here's that little vid from the control room of The Brown Owl - the song is called Give Up the Ghost. The official video follows so you can hear the final track. Just a little trip down memory lane - off soon to make some new ones in Switzerland at Zurich Film Festival!

Here's the official video - the section above is during the bridge at'll know you're there when you see a ninja swinging some nunchuckas around.



Ravenna Woods - New Video for 'Alleyways'

The video for Alleyways is officially out, and premiered on City Arts. "The band's music has always lurked in shadowy corners, a dark mystery just out of reach from the flickering campfire...a more cosmic kind of haunting." I can dig it.

Also test pressings for the 7" have come in, and they sound killer. YES. More news coming soon.

Finalist in the 5th International Film Music Competition!

I'm incredibly stoked to say that I'm one of 5 finalists in the 5th International Film Music Competition, as part of the Zurich Film Festival!

202 participants were invited to score a really beautiful 6-minute animation by Seth Boyden, called An Object at Rest. The finals take place at a live film concert in Zurich, where the nominees will have their scores performed by the Tonhalle Orchester Zürich.

Very excited to meet everybody there, and to hear what my fellow nominees came up with! And a huge thank you to the above and to Forum Filmmusik for organizing such an awesome opportunity for composers.

On to Switzerland in September!!!



Ravenna Woods...with Taiko

Check out this sneak peek of what we've been up to! Jamming out with Seattle Kokon Taiko has been an incredible experience, and VERY excited to share it with everybody at Timber! Outdoor Music Festival.

June 16th, 2016 5:55pm - Main Stage

We Have a Ghost - The Covers Project

We Have a Ghost invited me to play piano on a few of the tracks for an album of covers he's doing. At some point I sent him a quick iPhone video of some piano ideas I had for one of the covers (Hans Zimmer's "Time")...which he then worked into a promo vid. Check it out for fun, and also because the project has morphed into something for a great cause!