nic danielson

music & sound design


GoPro: “Place of Fear” | Searching The Maya Underworld | Part I - "Interlude"

GoPro: Charging Jaws with Kai Lenny - "Netherlands"

DC Comics - Ads for new series of stories in DC Universe - 2 Custom songs

Coca-Cola - "We Could Go Anywhere"

Finding Carter (MTV) - "Beautiful Souls"

The Valleys Filthy Bits (MTV) - "Fearless Like Yourself"

Game One (MTV) - "Quiet Words are Quiet Words"

Geordie Shore (MTV) - "Quiet Words are Quiet Words"

The Valleys (MTV) - "Climb in the Sun"

Girl Get Your Mind Right (MTV) - “Quiet Words are Quiet Words”

90210 - And Away We Go (CBS) - "Lotus" 

Boy Wonder (Feature Film) - “I Pilot”

Boy Wonder (Teaser Trailer) - “Timeless”

Roadtrip Nation, 2 episodes (PBS) - “Suckerpunch” and "The Lusk Letter"

Johnny Colt at Full Volume (Travel Channel) - “Perfect”


Misc. Audio Work:

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Monolith Productions) - additional audio production

Guardians of Middle-Earth (Monolith Productions) - additional audio editing

Gotham City Imposters (Monolith Productions) - additional audio editing

ZombieWords (Monkey Prism Games) - Co-creator and sound design.

Bugs and Dolls (Monkey Prism Games) - Co-creator and sound design.

Riley and the Magical Laundry Basket (Monkey Prism Games) - Co-creator and sound design.